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PGD Plumbing and Gas Fitting provides professional services including water leak detection and sewer and stormwater repairs for residential, commercial and industrial customers. During the peak storm season 100's of litres of water can fall on your property and if you do not have the correct drainage in place, the water can't run off. This can be potentially dangerous to your house.

Rising Damp and water sitting around has not only health hazards but can cost you money. It is vital that your property has the correct drainage solutions in place. PGD Plumbing and Gas Fitting can come to your property and design a range of drains solutions to ensure that your storm water is collected and runs off into a legal discharge point such as a storm water drain.

Services List

  • Water seepage problems
  • Surface and sub soil drainage
  • Aglines
  • Storm water pipes
  • Sewer/Stormwater drainage repairs
  • Downpipes
  • Rain water tanks